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After two years, the 19th ZAK India Glass, Door and Window Exhibition finally held in Mumbai. In four days from December 2nd~5th, 2021.  HANJIANG booth gained a lot of new and old customers’ stopovers and inquires.
HANJIANG also arranged the booth delicately this time, divided it into three sections to present a brand-new HANJIANG face to Indian customers.
HANJIANG factory and processing technology: During the epidemic, many customers were unable to come to the factory to watch. Our company presented the key processing technology in clear pictures and vivid texts, bringing customers a deeper HANJIANG excellence craftsmanship.
Due to the rapid increase in order demand in 2021, our company once again put into production a super large CNC milling machine in August, 2021. The maximum layout processing size has increased from the original 2500*4000mm to 4000*6000mm; this CNC milling not only effectively solves the current problem The production capacity of the company has increased from the original 20 lines in a single month to 28-30 lines; it has brought revolutionary advancement to the processing of JUMBO IG line. 

    A comprehensive technical explanation of the fully automated IG line: Although the configuration is still "NEW" in the Indian market, our company is committed to bringing the most advanced technology to all over the world. At the exhibition, the local glass processors will be introduced to the future production trend of insulating glass. This time, HANJIANG also combined the latest industry 4.0 cloud series- “DATA MASTER” system to lead customers to think about how to subtly transform traditional enterprises into smart and digital factories. This theme also brought hot discussions on the exhibition site. Local customers said that HANJIANG’s “DATA MASTER” system gave them a new understanding of IGU production. The more experienced glass processors, the more eager to break the traditional management model. A series of feasible schemes are proposed for data sharing, predictive maintenance, and optimized production capacity.

The development history of HANJIANG market in India: Our export department was established in 2004. In the past 17 years, HANJIANG's products have been exported to more than 80 countries all over the world. The Indian market, as one of the earliest markets we developed, is of great significance to HANJIANG. Since 2007, HANJIANG’s first line was successfully installed at ART-N GLASS in Chandigarh, a beautiful northern inland city. So far, India has nearly 70 HANJIANG IG lines in operation, and obtained the highest market share in the field, far ahead of other competing products.
This achievement is inseparable from HANJIANG's export team's keen insight into overseas markets and the core value of integrating pre-sales and after-sales. 
For example, the establishment of a local office in 2013 to train local after-sales personnel; the establishment of a material department in 2018 to bring one-stop service of IGU production to customers, the training of talents in customer factories, the introduction of advanced IG equipment, the selection of the trustful quality raw materials, and giving good knowledge to the QC personnel to strictly control the production of IGU to achieve the industry's leading level.


At present, HANJIANG has a spare parts warehouse, a IG raw material warehouse, two excellent after-sales personnel, and a sales team covering the entire network in the Indian market.
In this exhibition, we have also gained a lot. In addition to getting a lot of new orders and new inquiries, we are more fortunate that HANJIANG’s old customers continue to choose HANJIANG to be their supplier for new machines or for the factory expansion. This is the biggest recognition of HANJIANG's efforts in the Indian market in the past fourteen years.
HANJIANG team will continue to provide good products and services for the Indian market, and continue to uphold the core value of pre-sales and after-sales. 
HANJIANG and the Indian glass industry will create the future together.

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