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Product Introduction


  • PLC control system with touch screen operation interface
  • Applying stainless steel frame and water-proof bearing in the washing and drying section
  • Air knives,brush and rubber roller automatic adjustment according to the thickness of glass
  • Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass
  • Perfect washing performance for on/off line coating glass or Low-E glass
  • Adopt intermittent working design for saving energy
  • Inverter driving for Low-E brush rotatory speed

Technical Data

  • Max glass size:2500×3000mm (2000×2500mm)
  • Min glass size:300×450mm
  • Washing glass thickness:3-60mm
  • Washing glass speed:0-8 m/min
  • Low-E brush:6 units (3 units for Low-E)
  • Power:3P 380V/1P+N 220V 50Hz 23kW
  • Air pressure:0.7MPa
  • Water conductivity:≤30μs/cm
  • Machine size:9000(L)×1800(W)×3500(H) mm
  •        7800(L)×1800(W)×3000(H) mm
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