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Product Introduction


  • PLC control system with touch screen interface
  • Automatic measuring glass height
  • Cork pad can be pasted as per setted intervals on touch screen
  • Manual operation and fault diagnosis are available on touch screen
  • Applicable to the different thickness of insulating glass
  • Automatic alarm function as cork pad run out
  • Remote communication function (*option)

Technical Data

  • Conveying speed:0-35m/min
  • Insulating glass thickness:12-60mm
  • Minimum size of glass:300×600mm
  • Maximum size of glass:2500×3000mm(2000×2500)
  • Air source:0.8m³/min
  • Air pressure:1MPa
  • Power:3P、380V/1P+N、220V、50Hz、2KW
  • Machine Size:1200(L)×1000(W)×3200(H)mm
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